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It’s free to enter. Simply upload your cute baby photo and share on social media to get the maximum number of votes to win the contest.

Cute Baby Photo Contest

Upload your cute baby photo from any part of the world, share with your friends & family on social media and Win exciting prizes every month. The best part is, It’s completely free & takes only one minute to participate in the contest.

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Enter the Competition – It’s Free & only takes 1 minute.

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What is Baby Photo Contest?

The best part of Baby Photo Contest is that it’s completely free! So, you don’t need to pay any participation fee. We run baby photo contest every month. Participate today & upload your cute baby photo. Ask your friends/family support by sharing your entry on social media & get maximum votes to win the contest.

How to participate in Baby Photo Contest?

  • Visit
  • Register yourself & upload photo of your cute baby
  • Share the baby photo entry with your friends/family on social media
  • Ask for their support through votes/likes/shares
  • Get maximum number of votes to win the contest.

What is the eligibility criteria to enter into contest?

Baby Photo Contest is open for all countries. Your child age should not be more than 12 years. There is no registration fee. Free entry for all.

How to vote & share in Baby Photo Contest?

You & your supporters can vote every hour. To vote for your favourite kid, Just follow the simple steps as below:

  • Visit your Baby photo profile page or search for the Baby entry.
  • Click on “Vote For This Photo” button below baby photo.
  • Vote every hour on daily basis till the contest voting ends.
  • Share baby photo using social sharing buttons available below your baby photo.
  • Done! Photo with a maximum number of votes wins the contest.

How are the final votes are calculated?

At the end of the contest, the final votes are calculated on the basis of your Facebook Shares counts divide by 5 + Baby Photo Contest votes – Invalid votes (If any). You can see your Facebook share counts on your photo page.

Example: If your total BabyPhotoContest votes are 150, Facebook Share count is 100 & invalid votes are 50 then your final votes are calculated as 150 + 100/5 – 50 = 120 votes. So keep sharing your cute baby photo all over social media channels.

How many prizes & winners in the contest?

We select total 10 numbers of winners based on the maximum number of votes. There are 03 prizes for Top 3 contestant & 10 E-certificates for the Top 10 contestants in the Baby Photo Contest.

You can visit List of previous contest winners and prize details.

Why my voting button is not working after 1 hour?

Some users will see “Thanks for Voting” even after 1 hour of the voting. This will happens sometimes due to cookies, cache or history saved into your browser. So we request every user to clear your browser cookies/cache/history and then refresh the page in new window or private/incognito window of your browser.

What are Invalid votes & how you detect them?

Invalid votes are the votes which are done by using proxy servers. We have vote logs for each entry in the contest. So, before the declaration of final results we will check Top entries for the invalid votes. If we found any then we deduct the number of invalid votes from the contestant votes and then their position will go down in the final results.

So we request everyone, please don’t do invalid votes because we have 8 layers of fraud protection enabled in our voting system.