Frequently Asked Questions

What is Baby Photo Contest?

Baby Photo Contest is everyone’s favourite paid cute baby photo competition exclusive for Indian parents. You can upload a photo of your cute baby (age 0-12 years) to participate into the competition. Entry is based on first come, first serve basis as we will take only upto 100 entries from Indian parents only every month & the top 31 entries to be declared as winner out of 100 entries who get the highest number of votes and we reward them with exciting gifts and e-certificates.

How to participate in Baby Photo Contest?

  • The parents need to fill out the form on participation page with the required details and pay a small entry fee of Rs. 499 only.
  • Once we will get your entry details, our team will approve your entry and notify you via WhatsApp/Email.
  • Share your baby voting link with your friends/family/supporters on social media and ask for their support through votes.
  • Everyone can vote once a day till the voting period is over.
  • Get maximum number of votes to win the contest.

What is the eligibility criteria to enter into the contest?

Baby Photo Contest is open only for Indian parents. Your baby age should not be more than 12 years. There is a small participation fee of Rs. 499 only.

How can I participate if there are already 100 entries into the contest?

We organise one contest every month. You can participate in our next month contest.

How to vote & share in Baby Photo Contest?

You & your supporters can vote once a day. To vote for your baby, just follow the simple steps as below:

  • Visit your baby voting link or search for your baby entry in Entries page on the website.
  • Login through Facebook/Google to activate voting button.
  • Click on “Click to Vote” button below baby photo.
  • Vote once a day till the contest voting period ends.
  • Share baby photo using social sharing buttons available below your baby photo.
  • Done! Photo with a maximum number of votes wins the contest.

How are the final votes are calculated?

At the end of the contest, the final votes are calculated on the basis of your Baby Photo Contest votes – Invalid votes (If any).

How many gifts, e-certificates & winners in the contest?

We select total 31 numbers of winners based on the maximum number of votes out of 100 entries. There are 31 gifts & winning e-certificates for Top 31 contestant & participation e-certificate for all the participants.

What are the prizes for the winners?

There are 31 winners out of 100 entries and we reward them with exciting gifts & e-certificates worth Rs. 31000.

How to check current rank in Baby Photo Contest?

Visit your baby voting link and below baby photo you can check current rank of the baby.

How to check Top 11 entries in Baby Photo Contest?

Visit your baby voting link and at the bottom of the page you can find Top 11 entries button. Click on that button to check Top 11 entries into the contest.

Can I change my baby photo?

Yes, you can contact us and in the subject line write “Change of baby photo” and in the mail send us your baby voting link.

How can I correct my baby name if there is a spelling mistake?

You can contact us and in the subject line write “Correction in baby name” and in the query box send us your baby voting link and correct baby name.

I am unable to upload photo?

You can contact us and in the subject line write “Unable to upload photo” and in the query box send us your baby name. We will upload photo from your behalf and will notify you via Email and WhatsApp. You need to do the payment after that.

What are the payment methods?

We accept major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, UPI & Online Wallets.

What if my payment is failed?

If the payment fails, you need to check if the amount is debited from your account or not. If yes, then contact us and we will confirm if we receive the payment or not. If the amount is not deducted from your account, then you need to do the payment again.

I paid the entry fee but my entry is not approved yet?

Once you paid the entry fees, we will approve your entry from our end within 24 hours, and once approved you will get an Email & WhatsApp message with contest details.

Why my entry is not approved?

If we do not receive your payment or your entry seems fake to us which includes fake baby photo only then your entry will not approved.

How to pay the entry fee?

After submitting the form on sign up page, you will be redirected to the payment page. Pay the entry fees of Rs. 499 and after a successful payment you will see a payment success page.

My entry is approved but I am not able to vote?

You can vote only once the voting period will start. You and your supporters can vote once a day till the voting period is over.

When can I start voting for my baby?

Voting starts when your entry will be approved by our team. Usually entries are approved within an hour.

What are Invalid votes & how you detect them?

Invalid votes are the votes which are done by using fake accounts. We have vote logs for each entry in the contest. So, before the declaration of final results we will check Top entries for the invalid votes. If we found any then we deduct the number of invalid votes from the contestant votes and then their position will go down in the final results. We have 8 layers of fraud protection enabled in our voting system.