Contest Rules – Baby Photo Contest

Please read all the rules for the “Baby Photo Contest” carefully

  • Participation in the Baby Photo Contest competition is completely Free for all and is open for all countries.
  • If the winning contestant lives outside India, then to claim the winning prize you have to pay the shipping charges/customs duty/taxes as per your country (If it is gift hamper) or there is a option of converting your gift prize into shopping voucher (if you don’t want the gift hamper) which we will email you the same to your registered email address free of cost along with winning E-Certificate.
  • You can upload only 1 photo in every contest but you can participate in next monthly contests too (If you are not the 1st winner). Once a photo is uploaded by you, you can’t change/edit/modify the image. So choose the best cute photo of your kid.
  • You, your friends or family members can vote for your kid every 1 hour at website.
  • The kid age should be up to 12 years maximum.
  • All the entries to the competition are automatically approved, But if we found any fake information or any star/celebrity kid photo then your entry to the contest will be disqualified. In case of multiple entries, one duplicate entry will be deleted from our system (Please do not upload multiple entries for the same kid).
  • There are 10 winners to be announced each month based on the final votes. Know more about the prize details here. You can check the winner list in the result section.
  • The final votes are calculated on the basis of your Facebook Shares counts divide by 5 + Baby Photo Contest votes – Invalid votes (If any). You can see your Facebook share counts on your photo page. For Example: If your total BabyPhotoContest votes are 150, Facebook share counts are 100 and Invalid votes are 50 then your final votes are calculated as 150 + 100/5 – 50 = 120 votes.
  • We can ask for the Kid age proof from the winning entries. If there is a difference in the age group provided of the winner then we can cancel your winning prize and your entry will be marked as disqualified.
  • If we found any suspicious activity for trying to win the competition using fake/spammed/proxy votes then your entry from the competition will be removed without any warning or any prior notice. We have all the voting logs data for each entry and 8 layers of fraud protection. It’s very easy for us to detect proxy votes.
  • In the case of any disputes, reserve the right to disqualify any entry from the contest. All decisions made by our team are final in all aspects relating to the competition.
  • For any query, suggestion or feedback related to contest, you can contact us by submitting an online form here.

The above rules were last updated on Sunday, April 8, 2018.
We should update, amend or make any changes to our rules without any prior notice, those changes will be posted here.

For August Month contest, We have partnered with Cute Baby Vote website. Kindly Register there by clicking on any participation button. Every registration link on our website redirects you to Cute Baby Vote website.
Voting done through Proxy servers is strictly prohibited, We have vote logs for each entry and if we found continuous voting or repeated refresh of your entry page then your entry will be discarded with immediate effect.
Top 10 entries are selected as Baby Photo Contest winner and will be rewarded with exciting gifts and certificates on the basis of maximum votes received.
Participation Certificate will be given to all the participants whose BabyPhotoContest votes are more than 3,500.

Do you think that your baby is awesome? Participate in Baby Photo Contest & Win exciting prizes. It’s free & only takes 1 minute.